Hey Transparent blog junkies, how are you guys?  Here I am again to provide you with  your latest fix of the news, rants and weekly updates. I hope all of you are doing very well. If you have read my last few blogs thanks for continuing to keep up. Now lets get into it! As I got into the mode to prepare  this week's  blog I struggled to zone in on just one topic since so much is happeningf lately. Since I don't want to leave you guys in the dark about anything, I figured, "Hey, why not divide this blog brief sections and just sum up everything?" 

ALLERGIES FROM HELL:  for the past 3 weeks I have been down and out with a laundy list of hellish symptoms.  From waking up feeling like I've swallowed shards of glass to being light headed and dizz., I have experienced it all. Nose sprays, anti histimines of all shapes and sizes, ear drops, vitimins, salt water gargles, popsicles ect. ect. ect. the list goes on! Come to find out my allergies are kicking the living crap out of me. Still on the way to getting better. Wish me luck!

NEW SHOWS: With working up against some pretty demanding personal schedules Transparent is excited to perform once again and meet some new music fans! I personally am pretty pumped about this because we have worked out some pretty unique spots for local shows to be had. I think its gonna be amazing sharing the transparent experience with the locals from town. What makes it even better is that the town has a population of like 20 (hah)  and  exciting things rarely happen here. I like to think this will be a much needed change of pace.  For more updates on upcoming events  keep posted on both of our facebook forums and please feel free to subscribe to our youtube channel!! Thank you!

EARTHQUAKE: So, apparantly this morning I have once again proved  that I am one tough  bruit of a man.  a earthquake in Quebec, Canada occured  and the little town of Canisteo, NY; where I live, felt some of the impact in its neck of the woods. I slept right through it! Got a call from mom asking if I had felt the earthquake but I was more disappointed that her call to tell me about it had woke me up. In all honesty I am glad I did not feel it because I probably would have been climing the walls in fear. Thank you Melitonin (sleep aide). 

KATIE'S ART SHOW: On  May 11th, 2013 I was proud that Katie featured our band (and some of her personal photography and art) in her final  senior presentation for college. For those who don't know, Katie is the great and talented person who is involved in a lot of the designing for our album art work; for our highly anticipated upcoming CD: "Light in Darkness". I could not be more happy with how it all turned out. Months and months of hard work and effort added up to this elaborate display at Alfred University. Many of our closest friends came to honor the work Katie had  put in on behalf of our band and "light in darkness" project.   CD art, Concert photos and even an audio visual aspect involved in the amazing  presentation. The CD should be out in a few weeks. So excited  to share  both the  great music with all of you but also the well crafted art work as well. It was a night I will personally never forget!

There you have it folks. For this week that is "All you need to know". Until next time...Stay tuned!! Keep Rockin!

Just How Powerful is Music

 Hey all... How are you? Lets get right into the topic of discussion tonight!
Let's talk a little bit about MUSIC!

Being a singer/ song writer for some time people often ask me, "Why is it that you do music?"...Ok, so maybe I've never REALLY gotten that question formally from anyone before but it serves as a nice segway into making my next point. Thanks for not judging me too harshly. LOL. Now seems like a good chance to let you know! The reason I do music is because first of all It's fun. There is nothing quite like being given the chance to stand on stage and entertain a venue  full of people. The adreniline rush of  excitement mixed with a bit of uneasiness. Palms sweating, heart pounding and the rush of feeling like anything could happen the second you step on the stage.  Being a fairly new band we've had crowds of all different vibes. Most of those crowds being fun loving and energetic; and on rare occasions,  others dry and maybe even slightly cynical. Oh well, let me be slightly tacky by saying:  "A concert crowd is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get!" ( I think I got that from somewhere maybeLOLl).  It's amazing to just see the the thing you are most passionate about and work so hard to attain be able to move people in so many ways.

Another huge reason I do music is because it gives me a platform to communicate with people of all walks of life. It gives me a venue to share my story but also to try and speak and relate to others personal stories . I know that  I've heard songs that have totally spoken to what I was feeling at certian times in my life. This fact shows me that there is something very unique and powerful  about music. How many times have you listened to a song or CD  and swore the writer lived a day in your life? Music is a very universal language that transends moods and unique situations.

Popular Pop music Icon Billy Joel quoted, "I think music in itself is healing! It's an explosive expression of humanity!"

The legendary Jimi Hendrix once said, "Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world it can only happen through music"
Eccentric shock rocker, Marilyn Manson, expressed,  "Music is the deepest form of magic"

These are just a few very short quotes by people who have been very prominent in the industry!  No one really denies music's ability to uplift, inspire and motivate them. Just from these 3 quotes one can gather that music is a very strong force and it can be used to bring change into the world. So, can this same force that has inspired, motivated and moved humanity through the ages be the catylist for the gradual and subtle the downfall of society?

Aristotle revealed, "If one listens to the wrong type of music he will become the wrong kind of person!"

I really am not trying to come off as some sheltered, goody goody who is old fashioned in nature. Afterall I am only 26. This blog is coming from a song writer who writes about everything and puts no limits on topics of discussion. Our band's song was included on the popular "NASCAR the Game: Inside Line for all major gaming systems. I am by no means out of touch. I do have to question music's connection with all the ignorance, lack of empathy, moral decline and overall recklessness in the world. Why are most the hip hop stars that are glorified using occultic symbolism in their attire and music videos? Why do they continually promote nothing but sex, drugs and an overall "live only for today" philosophy?  Why is it that those in  popular "reality tv: shows never get real? Why is the vile Kesha a role model with her own TV show? 

If I have peaked your curosity about such issues I would direct you to checking out Mark Dice on Youtube. He frequently discusses such issues in shocking detail. He is one of the various reserchers who have made me question the full scope of the music industry and their workings in overall society. I know this is very deep stuff. My next few upcoming blogs will be light hearted. I promise. Until then, Stay tuned and thank you for reading and supporting us! We love you!!


"Love or Fear?"

Hey everyone
Its that time again! The time where it hits me out of nowhere, that I have neglected my online social oblegations as a blogger. I suppose after quite a few solid months of silence you guys still love me enough to forgive me right?  (crossing fingers).  Everything with Transparent has really been picking up lately. This news is for  those of you who have also forgotten to keep up with us,,,(hah now we are even and the shoe is on the other foot).  We've added some new faces to the project and have really been giving our everything at our live shows as of  lately. I have really seen our new drumme,r David Temperato come into his own and add a new and needed  dynamic to the band. Our live shows have really morphed since the begining. Its a process we'd love to continue for those who take the time to come see and support us. Also our friend Tim Krisher from a great  band we perform with semi- frequently  called,  "After the Blast",  has been joining us at shows on bass and screams.  His skill and  willingness contribution has really  been one of the missing elements  to our live sound.  I am very excited for the progess our band has shown in the past few months. We are pressing forward and meeting lots of new friends and supporters wherever we perform.  Our first offical full length album "Light in Darkness" is set to be realeased May of 2013. I hope you guys enjoy this album because each and every song was written from the heart. We like to think we have a message that is important enough to be heard.  I wanna thank everyone who has been involved since the very begining! (You know who you are!)  We will be doing our best to continue blogging and having more fun filled Youtube videos for our channel. I hope you guys have liked the scope of the project so far. We love you very much!

Anyways, that first paragraph was not intended to be a shameless advertisement!  Oh well!   So be it! Its been such a long time since I have blogged that I feel it is important for everyone to kinda be on the same page. To everyone who hung in there through all of that, you get a metaphorical gold star! Good Job, I salute you and Congratz!  Now I suppose it is time to clear up the question that is bugging you all relentlessly; since you first decided to check out this blog , which is: "Why is the title of this blog "Love oF fear?"   Well, I am glad you asked because that, my friends is our next topic of discussion! This is where the mode of the conversation goes from slightly humerous to serious so brace yourselves! :) 
For those of you who do not know me, I am a dedicated Youtube surfer. If there is a topic out there online the odds are that  I've most  likely dabbled in it at some point.  Alot of what goes into a band is social networking. This of course requires quite a few hours online corresponding and chatting with people.  With that routine comes the occasional  desire to be distracted and go off searching videos on various topics both serious and humerous.   When Sweet Brown's, "Aint nobody got time for that" video finally lost the humor I decided to aimlessly surf further into other topics. Frequent topics I look into consist of political activists and social commentators. I also like to be to be somewhat well versed in the world of so called "Conspiracy theories".

One night while surfing Youtube I stumbled upon a video by a political activist group called, "We are Change". This group was started  by a man who has a nationally cyndicated radio show dedicated to political and conspiracy  research. His name is Alex Jones. In the video one of the co- leaders of the group, Luke, who hails from NYC conducted a social experiment. He wanted to  reach a  general consensus of everyday people he rode a New York Subway on various topics.   Walking up next to people and asking them general questions he sparked thought provoking and insightful conversation with a majority of people aboard the subway.  People from all walks of life. People who are just going about their daily lives.  One one of the questions that was frequently posed to those interviewed was: "What motivates you (on a personal level) more? Love or Fear?"  There was somewhat a wide scope of responses from the passangers. From what I remember the majority of which responded  "Love".

This question was very thought provoking to me on a personal level. Without a doubt, it caused me to reflect upon my personal life. Surely, I am a person who is motivated by love,  (as well as fear) I'd like to think that a lot of what I do when it comes to reaching out to people in this band is motivated by love.  I've always been a pretty compassionate person. Whenever someone needed help or advise I was always one of the first  to line up and help them or at least attempt it. In fact, before choosing music to be my path in life I always thought that a great "plan B" would be to pursue counseling . I've been through a lot in my life. The thought of being a voice to help others is very rewarding.  Even while doing music I am constantly trying to offer hope and love to people. When writing lyrics I often not only ask myself  "what is it that I want to say?" but also many times, "What is it that I think OTHER people need to hear?"  So in many ways a lot of the lyrics to the songs have been motivated by a love and concern for people. Otherwise, I could just waste my time being another meaningless artist like the many on the mainstream platform today. I can almost be positive that groups like KESHA, NIKKI MINAJ, JUSTIN BIEBER, LADY GAGA, JAY-Z and all the other mind numbing trash  being pushed on young people today has no moral value or significant meaning other than entertainment. I like to think that not only my personal life but music as well will challenge listeners and be a way to express my genuine love for people.

Before I go on to explore the other side of this question I'd like you to really ask yourself on a personal level , "what motivates me more personally between the two very strong emotions?"  Hopefully you will arrive at an response within yourself at some point. I hope this blog challenges you to discover more about yourself as an individual. Now for the "fear" end of the question you may be asking "How is it that fear motivates you Matt?"Many people when faced with this question would much rather highlight the ways in which love motivates them but neglect the fear aspect of their lives. Many people do not want to feel vulnerable to others so putting on a front or minimizing weakness becomes common place. For me Fear has sadly been something that has also consumed my life in many ways. For many years now I have battled with "Anxiety Disorder".  It has been one of the challenges that I have had to face and still struggle to overcome in my personal life. If you are unaware of what this disorder is Google may be of some help. . For many years I have struggled with "Panic attacks" which are very fearful episodes where you feel like you are going to die. During an axiety attack your breathing speeds up, palms start to sweat and it feels as if you are struggling to breathe. This is accompanied by racing thoughts and an impending feeling of doom. These attacks are common in  lot of people but somewhat ridiculous sounding to an outsider who fails to understand there impact.. These attacks are usually triggered by emotional trauma that has taken place in someone's life but seemingly come out of the blue.

My attacks started about 5-6 years ago and are gradually getting better. In the begining I remember the first panic attack was spurred on because of a conversation my friend and I were having on the topic of death. We were riding home from the mall with my sister and a couple of her friends at the time.  During the course of the ride many topics of conversation come up. I dont know why or how this conversation came up between us but it went on for about 5 minutes. Suddenly all the things I explained in the previous paragraph began happening. Struggling to breathe, lightheadedness, sweaty palms, racing heart and the feeling of helplessness. The first time I had experienced this I was completely clueless to what was going on! I was rushed to the hospital. I had never felt this way before and it was as if my life was going slow motion right before my very eyes.  When I finally arrived to the hospital I was promptly given a shot of "Ativan" right in the behind. I  know I  had to be riddled with FEAR when the thought of a shot there seemed pleasent in comparasson to the terror I was experiencing. After a few minutes I was pretty well sedated by the medicine. Instead of feeling the gripping fear that I was experiencing previously I was seemingly in the land of Oz floating on light and fluffy clouds.  That night passed and the immediate panic had subsided. On the not so bright side, was the fact, that since that night fear has gripped me. For years since the incident  I have battled with ongoing anxiety and fear. Attacks continued and brought me to the point of even pursuing counseling. The attacks themselves stem from an intense fear of death in my everyday life. I'd like to be the brave guy and tell you "I have no fear of death"...."everything is fine"...."God has all under control". This is most likely the truth and although intellectually comforting as a Christian, it is sometimes met by many doubts and questions. For years, being raised in a Christian home I often wondered If I had ever done anything that God would not forgive me for. 
The fear of that stems back to a family dispute we were having one night.  Mom and Dad were fighting, raising voices and rything at each other in anger. This was a semi frequent occurence within our house at the time. The constant fighting really took a toll on me as a teenager and growing up. It often made me question spirituality., Although I wanted to be genuine and "Transparent", it seemed like I could never fully understand the role God played in our family since it was revival service by day and continuous fighting and unrest by night. Often times as parents were fighting I would try to jump in the middle and be in the defense of often my mother.  One night I had grown tired of the fighting (as so with many nights previous), I went on a pretty  frustrated cuss filled tantrum against  the unrest and actions within the home. This often made me bitter against family and bitter against God (as my family was supposed to reflect being ministers).  During my frustrated and livid episode I began cussing out my father in regards to the situation.  My Dad often would use spirituality as a way to intimidate people.  After a back and forth arguement I said something along the lines of, "If this is what Jesus is all about then I don't want anything to do with It".  Afterall, the only spirituality I knew being raised in the same church for 22 or so years was that reflected by those around me. I then began cussing more in a fit of rage. This was briefly challenged by my father and he cynically said, "Better be careful of what you say!" I retorted with "Why, will God send me to  Hell?"  "If God sends me to hell for being real then so be it!"   In fact, if God brings me to account for truthful actions then I don't want it.  I renounce Him and everything to do with God."

At that moment fear and conviction for what I had said gripped me. I know what I said was partially true. I resented the fakeness of people claiming to be Godly. How was I supposed to distingish the real from the fake? Was God going to take my words into account? I knew I believed in him but would he hold those words against me forever if I was really just confused and sorry? A whirlwind of questions hit my brain and the anxiety was birthed out of spiritual fear.  Since the inital episode I struggle parting with the fear. It is something that needs prayer for those of who you believe in God as I do and are currently reading this.  Since that day fear has somewhat controlled my life.  Although I am gradually reasoning with my fear I think it is something that needed to be confronted. Sometimes, although I love people, love God and try to do the best I can in this life, there are times when I feel unforgivable and fearful of the unknown. I want to understand not only God and spiritual matters more but also my fear. I hope that one day I will completely overcome unhealthy fear and that love with outweigh it even further.

In the meantime I ask you "what motivates you more?, love or fear?"


Rock'n Like a Hurricane:
Greetings Transparent fans,

It is currently 8:30pm on this unusal Monday afternoon in the year of 2012.  Most of you know me as Matt  (singer of your all time favorite rock band) today I come to provide you with this latest weather update.. (and my own personal speculation and  interrputation of the events whether they are likely or not....Fox news, Im ready for hire baby!)  Today's weather readings indicate that it will be rainy with chance of TOTAL DESTRUCTION!!! That's right ladies and gentlemen. HURRICANE SANDY HAS BEEN UNLEASHED!!!!  She's mean, relentless and ready to strike.  She's been through New Jersey, New York and is ready to bring total chaos wherever her whim may lead her!!!  She has a Vendetta.  Being a resident of this dull town for my entire 26 makes me  wonder why  big bad Sandy chose this area of all places on the map. For being the most talked about storms since I can remember hopefully it won't ruin it's reputation by lingering here too long!  If I were big Sandy this place would not be too high on my priority list if I were trying to make a name for myself. After all, what's a few less Sunoco stations ?  I recommend this hurricane change directions now and find it's way far from here if it has any  personal respect and dignity whatsoever.  Anyways, I figured this disaster was worth yet another mention among the millions on facebook I see on a daily basis.  I hope I've satisfied your hunger for repetitive information via mass social media. I also hope  that this is not a sheer sign of THE END as we further spiral to the conclusion of 2012. haha.  For those fans out there who may be getting prepared for the worst....PLEASE feel free to add another friend to your guest list if things should take a turn for the worst. thank you! It is much appreciated. lol. For now I think I may conclude this blog entry in a short while. I am hoping the power continues to stay on so that it will buy me at least enough time to update all of you. See? Im awesome and oh so very thoughtful... I wish everyone the best. Stay safe and hopefully in the meantime this storm won't find an easy route directly into this town (unless of course it stays clear of me and merely chooses to sweep up the few in this town that I have a low tolerance for).  Anyways, guess that leaves time for some shameless networking plugs. Please check us out on facebook and feel free to give us an add. We have concert dates coming up so you may want to stay informed. Hit up our website at As always stay safe and continue rocking folks.


Hello Transparent Fans..The Wait Is Almost Over:,
     Hey Ladies and Gents.  Guess Who??  For those extremely bad guessers out there I''ll just come out with it.  It's me, your favorite singer from the band they call Transparent!  Good to be reunited once again.  Among the million and one things I have to do I figured a nice blog would be the next thing to slash off my ever-expandig to-do list.  What can I say?  You better love me! haha
     Anyways, the past couple of years establishing this band has been an amazing journey.  We've performed with some amazing bands, made awesome friends and aquaintances and are almost done (yes it's true) DONE with our first full lenght album!!!  Oh the joy is giving me goosebumps!  If you would have told me two and and half years ago that I'd start a band that has had the opporunities we have had in this short amount of time; I'd  CALL YOU A NUTCASE.  I have this feeling that it's only the beginning.  Buckle your seatbelts everyone!  Truthfully, as amazing as it has all been writing songs, doing blogs and being heavily inolved in nearly every aspect of this monster, it is somewhat draining.   To those out there in your naive bubble of fantacy that are muttering "man, being a full time musician must be easy".....might I just ask you to shut up and continue living in your dream land. I wont even begin to list the reasons that you are dead wrong!! Yes, being a musician and doing what you love is very fufilling and I am thankful every day for the amazing oppritunity. It is worth every single minute  but the challenge on a musical and business level is just unbelievable. Music is honestly not for the faint of heart. That is why I am so grateful for each and every single fan and friend that supports us!!! Thank you so much!!

With all of that being said I'd like to announce that I am very pumped that the wait is almost over!!!  We've been working away at the studio and there is only a short time left until the recording of our first album is finished.  This 13 track album called "Light in Darkness" has been a 2 year project that Iam very, very, very (and did I mention very?) proud of! We've all worked very hard and I know from a lyrical standpoint that I have poured my heart out on every single track. No compromise!

 This album is going to be a killer of a release! I urge all of you spread the word, link us, do  indipendent youtube videos about the album's release and of course buy it asap!! I know that this seems very standard since musicians everywhere relentlessly push their music. I just know that Rock fans everywhere will most likely dig this album. I say that in the most sincere of ways. It will be worth the investment. We also have been brainstorming a new and innovative way to get our music out there. Im not going to leak it quite yet but just stay tuned and you will be the first to know. Every song has a unique and heartfelt message and I cant wait to send that message.

the song titles of the album are (in no fashion or order) "Energy", "Dear God","Love to hate you" , "Paranoid", "Do or Die", "Breathe", "Billboard of pain",
"Unbreakable" "New World Order", "March of the Damned"  "Somewhere
" (A special ballad that I refuse to name on this blog in case my girlfriend reads this) and of course our current single "Bridges" Very excited to be in the next phase of this thing and to be able to share all this very heartfelt music with all of you. I like to think by buying this album that you wont only get great music but get to know me more as a person through the writing and expression. Each song that's on this album (and future albums) comes directly from the heart. I promise you that!!  Each aspect of the album was birthed out of some degree of personal experience or imagination. I really hope that each and every one of you will take something special from the Light in darkness" album and be able to relate to it.

Remember "Light in Darkness" by Transparent is going to be a killer album.  Thank you all for your continued support, fanship and friendship! I love you very much. Add us on facebook, check us out on Reverbnation and most of all keep rockin. this is Matt from Transparent signing off!!! take care


Hey Transparent friends & fans,

How goes it? All is fine and dandy here I suppose. We've recently been working like crazed  maniacs trying to finish up our first official full length album, doing press releases and remodeling our website. I hope you all are digging the new look for it as much as this guy is! :) It's been a long time since I've hit you with updates, rants or rambles. I figured with all the website stuff going on that this might be a perfect time to redeem myself. I couldn't find it within myself to leave you all hanging for much longer.

Now of the topic of discussion. Shall we?

I guess I've really been doing some soul searching lately. For people who know the slightest bit of info on the band, it's obvious that we are very faith and purpose driven. Our lyrics speak to many different issues. My desire for this project is to always be genuine, real and unrelenting about our message. We've been truely blessed with the opportunites we've been given. I remember as a kid when I went through some of the most trying and difficult times. My family life was a mess and my education was in shambles due to some disabilities I contend with.  I often felt lonely and isolated. (The track "Dear God" to be featured on our full length album sums that up quite passionately. I hope that you all will check it out!)

I was raised as a pastor's son and really despised the vast politics within the church. It kills me to see the state of the current church today. Seems like a mass majority have lost what it is all about. I'm not claiming to be perfect by any means. I struggle all the time with things within my own personal life. I try to make them known and out in the open. That's what Transparent is all about as a whole. It's about being real, it's about shedding stereotypes and giving people a place to be honest. I am the furthest thing from perfect that there is. At least I am willing to admit that and deal with my demons out in the open.

So many people today within the church world are so occupied with positions, filling seats, having the biggest church, the largest following, rubbing shoulders with the biggest evangelist or TV station, having the most heartwarming and emotionally tingling sermons and get togethers, just the right mood lighting as the worship plays......they have forgotten the root of what I believe Christianity is all about. Honesty, genuine compassion not motivated by selfish gain, a hunger to serve,  reading the Bible for what it says and seeking God in their personal time. For first time readers of this blog I am sorry. I usually dont make my blogs all of spiritual nature. If you don't follow religion this does not apply to you. This is just short food for thought for those who subscribe to faith and christianity......Dont worry. I still love you! lol.

Where can people go to put aside all the flem-flam & politics to really seek spiritual help without being judged? Where are all the people in church authority who really  are true to what they say? Is there a place to go that is less concerned about numbers and more concerned with the condition of their hearts? Even if one is not perfect, I'd rather them be blunt and honest about it. Hey, as for me I struggle all the time with anger, cigarette smoking, pride, and have def. dealt with online pornography in the past. despite my personal convictions about it.  I know these things are not what I should be doing if I claim to truely follow God with everything. I need help, encouragement and prayer for all of this. I want to maintain what I stand for. It's all out on the table so you can either choose to judge or pray for me.

With that being said who will be the next to truely be Transparent?  When will we realize that a fancy 7 point sermon by someone in a slick suit and tie isn't going to save us? When will people be more interested in really reaching people for the sake of those people and not for the sake of looking good or filling a seat in the church??? When will all these evangelists seek God for the sake of getting things right rather than seeking God for the next "big revival" that they themselves can proudly  claim to have started? I'm not saying that promotion is bad. We all need to expand what we do. I just am growing very weary of the motives in most of church leadership today as a whole. If the shoe fits wear it. If not you can disregard what I'm saying.

I guess my passion and the reason I even choose to do music is because I want to leave people with something real.  I want to have an impact on not only music but on the whole culture as well. It's not only for selfish gain. I really want people to begin to be real and honest. Honesty is the best policy. Without it, you cannot deal with your demons. I hope that Transparent not only entertains crowds with rock and roll but that they also inspire fundamental change in society and in the hearts of minds of people.

Who will be the next to be transparent with me despite what people think???? Who will deal with their demons and be honest with themselves, others and God?  Let's start a genuine revolution together! Even if you are not a Christian, I challenge you to mend bridges that you may have burned for the sake of doing what you know to be right.. Confront your demons and do all that you can to be genuine with life overall.

love you all.